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Cheeni, a working girl, has to suddenly take care of her mother whose lifestyle turned bizarrely eccentric post-widowhood. Putting her hectic city-life on pause, Cheeni moves back with her mother in their suburban Sovabazar neighbourhood where chaotic fireworks ensue as the traditionalist housewife and her rebel millennial daughter battle amidst surprising revelations and family secrets.Cheeni 2020 Full Movie Download

The Mainak touch is apparent in the storyline, which is a balanced mix of everything millennial and a couple of generations ahead. While Cheeni is a ‘20th century woman’ fighting her own battles, managing a demanding career, taking time out for her relationship and grappling with personal demons created during years spent growing up in a dysfunctional family, Sudip is more conservative and dreams of a stable relationship and family with kids of their own. There is, however, a huge chasm between Cheeni and Mishti, though both women are fighting demons created by a common past. It’s this drama that dominates the film, interspersed with dollops of humour.
It’s actually the humour that adds that right balance to the film, which otherwise has a rather serious premise. And this is one of the areas where Aparajita shines. She is all fluid eloquence when it comes to delivering hilarious one-liners to having a verbal spat with a tenant. Madhumita joins her league when it comes to throwing tantrums and crossing swords with her mother. Though Saurav is slightly overshadowed by the two women on screen, he manages to stand his own with some nice low-key acting. This helps him stand out, in stark contrast to the two tantrum queens.Technically speaking, the film is a great watch also because the camera manages to catch every expression in scenes with intense drama. The balanced use of tight and mid shots makes the drama very immersive, while minimising the need to go into too much detail in terms of production design. The characters and their moods and emotions are the focus of the camera from the start till the end.

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Original title Cheeni
IMDb Rating 6.4 310 votes

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