Manobjomin [HDCam]

Manobjomin [HDCam]

Jan. 06, 2023132 Min.
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It’d be unfair to demand ‘poetic’ cinema from a newbie director simply because he happens to be a poet. But it’s not unrealistic to ask for it to be better than Manobjomin. It’s entirely possible that Srijato would get better at filmmaking in the coming years. And if last year wasn’t such a turning point for Tollywood, his debut film Manobjomin would probably be graded on a curve.
But as things go, the film fails to deliver on some key basics despite a near-perfect cast. If you do plan on watching it, it’d help if you skip the review — there are spoilers ahead and enough reasons to go see a different movie.Manobjomin 2023 Movie Download.

Sanket, a banker and Kuhu, an NGO owner, want to build a school in a rural area. But they fail to get a grant and Sanket’s loan application gets rejected. However, it’s hard to grasp that a banker and a social activist can think of no other means of drumming up money to open a school besides manipulating (and eventually scamming) an ageing but wealthy jethu. Baren (Paran Bandopadhyay) is not exactly a ‘Scrooge’ but refuses to dole out a lump sum seven-figure for a school that he has no knowledge about.And that’s where the film loses its audiences; it’s impossible to root for Parambrata’s Sanket and Priyanka’s Kuhu, especially in the last twenty minutes where — and this is true — they canoodle in a field where their school was supposed to be built, making an ailing Baren wait, on his way back from the hospital after a major medical emergency!

Baren babu is visited by two scam artists who claim they’re selling plots in heaven; ‘surreal estate’ they call it. Baren, despite being a pious man, finds the idea incredulous. But after an even more incredulous seance sequence, agrees to spend money on a piece of land for the afterlife. And then predictably discovers that something rather sketchy is afoot.

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Manobjomin [HDCam]
Original title মানবজমিন
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