My Client’s Wife

My Client’s Wife

Sometimes truth is stranger fictionJul. 31, 2020India106 Min.PG
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With its lead players putting up pretences throughout the film, it is easy to label the film pretentious. To be fair, it is not pretentious. There is an element of sincerity in the making. My Client’s Wife is potentially full of sexual encounters, only the makers have been careful to keep it ‘clean’. But as is the problem with psychological thrillers, there are too many red herrings and deviations from the plot just to cause shock and awe. Is it based on a true story? The makers would like us to believe so. Which makes it all the more incredible. Truth stranger than fiction?My Client’s Wife 2020 Movie Download.My Client’s Wife 2020 Movie Download.

Raipur, Chhattisgarh is the location. Except for the fact that such a story might survive better in a small town, there is nothing particular about the location. A woman, Sindoori Singh, is packing her things, burning some photographs, and leaving. Upstairs, there is somebody who is tied up and yelling, apparently her husband, Raghuram Singh. She escapes. The husband is arrested on charges of domestic violence, although he has severe bruises in his hands, caused by a large knife. He has his own version of events, which he narrates to Inspector Shrivastav and Manas Verma, his advocate, while behind bars.My Client’s Wife 2020 Movie Download.

Shrivastav’s investigation leads him to believe that there was a cable TV man who was in the house when Raghuram arrived, and he attacked Raghuram, in order to escape. Since then, he is absconding. Manas Verma decides to investigate the case himself, and meets Sindoori in this connection. She tells him a cock and bull story. Again, Raghuram keeps telling him to read his diary for evidence, and for some unexplained reason, he does not do so till much later. He tells him that his wife is a nymphomaniac, and brings strangers home in his absence. His version (or versions) are no less cock and bull than Sindoori’s.

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Original title My Client's Wife
IMDb Rating 6.1 513 votes
TMDb Rating 6.2 3 votes

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